Actionscript Tutorials

Flash Programming



Lesson 1

Intro to Actionscript - Constant V



Lesson 2

 Animating w/ Actionscript II


Print Instructions - Acceleration Only

Full Code




Lesson 3

Animating w/ Actionscripts III The Bounce



Scripting Challenge Q1

Gas Molecule in a Container

1.  Make movie 900 by 550

2. Anchor the ball in the center

3. Go back and check out bounce tutorial

4. Hint: You need 4 conditional statements: One for each 'wall'.

Extra Points if you create 6 additional gas molecules moving in all different directions

Lesson 4

Drag and Drop


Drag and Drop Part 1

Removing a vertex

Drawing Arrows

Rotating Objects

Making Identical Copies


Drag and Drop Part 2


Drag and Drop Code

Copy/Paste Code



Lesson 5

Hiding the cursor/
Object Moves With Cursor